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Changes in the social structure, economy and lifestyle in today’s world, have increased people’s expectations of comfort, security and efficiency of their homes and work places. More and more families require household products to be not only of basic intelligence, but also simple, convenient and safe in terms of function and services. Due to development of information technology, there is a huge demand and acceptance of smart technologies in our daily life.

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    Home Automation

    Total Control
    at the touch of a fingure

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    Smart Control Products

    Everything, to make your home Smart

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    Smart Environment
    & Health System

    Efficient, Secure & Intelligent

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    Control your Home

    With iPhone or Tablet

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    Home Security
    with Smart Control

    Making you feel always at home

  • Wulian Smart Home

    "Wulian can manufacture the whole set of ZigBee smart home products and solutions". Wulian smart home system contains Home Security. Home Appliance Control. Lighting Control ,Environment Conditioning, Home Care Monitoring ,Smart Parking and Integrated Application etc.

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  • ZKTeco

    "ZKTeco has over 2000 people at its headquarters". And it has built international sales and service network, including the branch offices/subsidiaries in USA, Spain, Brazil, South Africa, Dubai, Indonesia, Mexico, Thailand, India, Egypt, Vietnam, Argentina, etc.

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  • Sanford Tools

    We use an ERP management system to optimize your order efficiency. The multiple stages QC system which follows ISO9001:2000-certified guidelines ensure our products meeting your quality requirement before each shipment.
    "Moreover we also provide after-sale service and warranty".

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  • Smart Control System

    Smart Control System, is designed for integrated intelligent remote control. Our products advocate the concept of modern living by providing customers with intelligent management, healthy living options, energy saving advantages, security and protection of privacy, leading the new trend of networked intelligent life.

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  • Logical Framework of ZigBee

    Smart Control is a platform which consists of online configuration tools and mobile apps for home, office and industrial automation based on secure ZigBee standard.

    “ZigBee is an energy efficient wireless protocol that allows small, low-cost devices to quickly transmit small amounts of data.”

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  • iPhone or Tablet for Control

    Control your home and appliances with iPhone or Tablet where ever you are, at work or enjoying liesure time abroad.

    “We make you feel at home always.”

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