• Sensors

    Sensors are just like the nerve endings of IOT which have become the core components for human to fully perceive the nature. Mass deployment and application of the sensors are indispensible basic requirements in constituting the IOT.

  • Controllers

    Keeping or establishing certain balance according to perceiving results of the sensors is the most fundamental purpose and direction of the IOT. Different kinds of the balance need to be established according to different environments, applications and requirements. These balance can be static or dynamic.

  • Smart Lighting

    Smart lighting has already become the world’s emerging industry. As an indispensable tool in modern civilization society, smart lighting is under spotlight. To improve consumers’ experiences, we are the first one to bring out smart lighting integrating with LED lighting technology in global.

  • Cloud Computing

    Home appliance has gone through the era of electronics, simulation and digitization. Now, it steps into network era with a rapid speed. As the deployment of a large number of IOT sensors, it steps into intelligent era. Wireless network is everywhere in intelligent families life. Online at anytime, cloud computing can be on service at any place and time; what’s more, it features with personalization. The core of the family business value chain has shifted to both ends, one end is ubiquitous household sensors, another is family business cloud computing. Operator needs to think about how to develop specialty of traditional network in order to build its own competitive advantages.

Wireless LED Dimmer

Wireless LED Dimmer

WL-DS-D01 Wulian wireless LED dimmer can set the brightness of related light devices according to needs of users. This product is designed based on ZigBee HA protocol to receive wireless signals. Users can control LED light devices, set set up different scene modes by any mobile smart terminals to have ideal effects for users’ needs.

This product can be used widely not only for familiar smart home system but also for systems such as intelligent building, intelligent hospital, intelligent hotel and intelligent cultivation etc.

Wireless LED Dimmer

Wireless LED Dimmer

Main Features:

Multiple scene modes can be built according to users’ different needs, which can avoid unnecessary wastes to realize energy conservation and emission reduction.

This product can work with smart home system based on ZigBee HA standard.

Delicate and elegant appearances can integrate with the surrounding to the maximum.

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Wireless Gateway

Wireless Gateway

WL-GW-A IOT wireless gateway is based on Zigbee network technology design. Equipped with standard Ethernet interface, it can connect Zigbee network with the LAN or Internet. It is convenient for users to detect and control terminal devices like sensors or controllers in Zigbee network through mobile phone, tablet, PC or other mobile internet devices.

Wireless Gateway

Wireless Gateway

Working Principle

WL-GW-A wireless gateway is a bridge device for connecting Zigbee wireless network signal and Internet network. It can realize the detection and control between Zigbee network devices and internet. WL-GW-A has many advantages, for instance, data transmission is fast and safe, the cost is low, networking is simple and flexible, reliability is high. It overcomes the traditional gateway’s defects like high cost and low transmission speed when many communication standards and transmitting mediums coexist.

Based on many features like low cost, easy control, low power consumption and robust network, WL-GW-A is especially suitable for smart home automation, it is also widely used in IOT fields like industry, automobile automation, agricultural automation and medical equipments. It can realize the management for building automation by remote control.

Main Features

Zigbee device type: Combined Interface

Support CSMA/CA hardware

Access via TCP/IP

Simple structure, easy installation and convenient to use.

LED status indication

Support TCP/IP, DHCP, UDP(Selectable)

Save and run the setup by dedicated software

Zigbee coordinator

Technical Parameter


Work Voltage
12V DC
Communication Range
Indoor 50~100 m
Working Temperature
Working Humidity
Max 95%RH
Emission Intensity
MAX 21 dBm
Product Dimension
130mm x 120mm 30mm


Wireless Smart Lock

Wireless Smart Lock

Key and lock as old prevention tools have been existed for long. Traditional mechanical locks always have low safety coefficient, lockset are easily to be opened by some simple tools, keys can also be easily replicated.

Today, with the development of technology, cell phone has become the most important tool to carry . It is not only a communication tool, but also could be a navigating tool, payment tool, authentication tool, furthermore, it could become a smart key for daily use. IOT wireless smart lock can let you rest easy from now on!

Throw away the key! When going home next time, you just need to take out your cell phone and enter the password, the door will automatically open for you, In addition, you don’t need to worry about forgetting to bring keys or cell phone, your family can open for you remotely!

For the security, smart lock has a more perfect protection mechanism, you and your family will know at the first time if anyone is opening, locking or back locking the door.

WL-WIL-01/WL-WIL-02/WL-WIL-03  IOT Wireless smart lock is based on Zigbee

Wireless Smart Lock

Wireless Smart Lock

technology design, which can let you connect with global standard products seamlessly.

Features :

Using 128K advanced encryption technology, till now there’s no break precedent in the world;

Using IOT cloud technology, once the cell phone is lost, other people can’t open it, you just need to contact your family and ask them to open the lock remotely, of course, you can also open the lock by other mobile phones, tablet PC, computers which  are connected  with IOT cloud;

Moulding by zinc alloy pressure casting, robust and durable in use;

The surface is processed by vacuum nanotechnology, which features with high hardness, better wear resistance and higher coating bond;

International standard five-tongue lock cylinder, pickproof, anti-pull, besides, it can  trigger  the alarm in abnormal condition;

Technical Parameter


Wireless Standard
ZigBee HA
Working Voltage
DC3.5-6.5V,  4 × AAA alkaline batteries
Battery Life
Can be normally opened up to18,000 times or more
Quiescent Current
<20 microampere
Dynamic Current
 <150 milliampere
Working Temperature
-40-+85 degrees
Working Humidity
Communication Distance