Wireless Smart Lock

Wireless Smart Lock

Key and lock as old prevention tools have been existed for long. Traditional mechanical locks always have low safety coefficient, lockset are easily to be opened by some simple tools, keys can also be easily replicated.

Today, with the development of technology, cell phone has become the most important tool to carry . It is not only a communication tool, but also could be a navigating tool, payment tool, authentication tool, furthermore, it could become a smart key for daily use. IOT wireless smart lock can let you rest easy from now on!

Throw away the key! When going home next time, you just need to take out your cell phone and enter the password, the door will automatically open for you, In addition, you don’t need to worry about forgetting to bring keys or cell phone, your family can open for you remotely!

For the security, smart lock has a more perfect protection mechanism, you and your family will know at the first time if anyone is opening, locking or back locking the door.

WL-WIL-01/WL-WIL-02/WL-WIL-03  IOT Wireless smart lock is based on Zigbee

Wireless Smart Lock

Wireless Smart Lock

technology design, which can let you connect with global standard products seamlessly.

Features :

Using 128K advanced encryption technology, till now there’s no break precedent in the world;

Using IOT cloud technology, once the cell phone is lost, other people can’t open it, you just need to contact your family and ask them to open the lock remotely, of course, you can also open the lock by other mobile phones, tablet PC, computers which  are connected  with IOT cloud;

Moulding by zinc alloy pressure casting, robust and durable in use;

The surface is processed by vacuum nanotechnology, which features with high hardness, better wear resistance and higher coating bond;

International standard five-tongue lock cylinder, pickproof, anti-pull, besides, it can  trigger  the alarm in abnormal condition;

Technical Parameter


Wireless Standard
ZigBee HA
Working Voltage
DC3.5-6.5V,  4 × AAA alkaline batteries
Battery Life
Can be normally opened up to18,000 times or more
Quiescent Current
<20 microampere
Dynamic Current
 <150 milliampere
Working Temperature
-40-+85 degrees
Working Humidity
Communication Distance

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