Cloud Computing

Home appliance has gone through the era of electronics, simulation and digitization. Now, it steps into network era with a rapid speed. As the deployment of a large number of IOT sensors, it steps into intelligent era. Wireless network is everywhere in intelligent families life. Online at anytime, cloud computing can be on service at any place and time; what’s more, it features with personalization. The core of the family business value chain has shifted to both ends, one end is ubiquitous household sensors, another is family business cloud computing. Operator needs to think about how to develop specialty of traditional network in order to build its own competitive advantages.


Product features

WlHome solution is end to end solutions from family business cloud computing + IOT sensor/ terminal controlling. Family business cloud computing realizes the management of business and sensor/ controlling terminal. Operator could broaden the application, manage the users by cloud computing, use the platform to realize business integration, charge collecting, maintaining of the third party.

IOT is different from other smart home solutions in the market; it is based on real time online intelligent gateway of the operator network. Gateway integrated communication module which meets users’ final security, comforts and requirements of social interaction, realizing real time information sharing during mobile phone, tablet computer, PC and gateway. It always attracts people’s attention. In order to meet older people’s needs, IOT also has the function of always guarding a person, electrical health etc.

Product application and customer’s benefits

Rapid transmission of sensing/ controlling information: Overlaying content and distributing network based on network, it develops a“ manageable, intellectualized express way” based on existed pipeline.

Aggregation of application and content: Creating open cloud computing of family business and aggregating applications of communication/information service or internet to build family application and content market and to meet wide business requirements of family users.

In a word, using WlHome solutions, operator become integration of family network, aggregation of internet application, standard of virtual credit, digger of family users’requirements based on advantage of the network, then it becomes a leader of IOT smart home business chain.

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